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The MAGNIFICATION ministries are about enabling Believers to praise and worship God. MAGNIFICATION ministries for children are about providing opportunities for children to learn about and experience meaningful worship. (MAGNIFICATION ministries foster worship in the church.)

The MATURITY ministries are about helping Believers grow up in the Christian faith, through connections with other Believers and God’s Word (the biblical concept of discipleship), toward the goal of becoming more and more like Jesus.

The MEMBERSHIP ministries are about making people feel welcome in God’s house and within His family (the biblical concept of fellowship) toward the goal of having them enter into covenant with The Rock Church.

The MINISTRY ministries are about contributing to the well-being of God’s Church for His glory (the biblical concept of service).

The MISSIONS ministries are about sharing the Good News of Jesus with people outside the Church who have never heard or responded to it (the biblical concept of evangelism) and, in this way, participating in the mission of God.

Are you ready to lay the foundation?

The Rock Church needs people to serve in areas of magnification, maturity, membership, ministry, and missions. Where do you fit?

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Send us an EMAIL and let us know where you can serve!

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Thank you for building on the Rock!

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